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Our Video Storytelling Adventures

At 3barn, our journey is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but with cameras, and we've teamed up with a colorful cast of clients. Our portfolio is a vivid tapestry of diverse narratives, each a testament to our passion for creating videos that don't put you to sleep. We're not just into making videos; we're into making friends. The joy we find in building connections with our clients and turning their dreams into captivating visual tales is at the heart of what we do. Step into our world of storytelling, where every project is a new adventure waiting to be shared and enjoyed, like a bag of marshmallows around a campfire.

MSI General Corporation: Keeping Memories Alive, Shaping Futures
Mullens Dairy Bar: A Family Tradition of Summer Memories
Distinctive Designs: Racing Fan's Dream Home
Discover Mint Wellness Spa: A Haven of Rejuvenation and Tranquility
Family Promise of Waukesha: Keeping Secrets Safe
Healing Harmonies: Where Music and Art Unify the Spirit
Nurturing Faith and Knowledge: A Glimpse into St. Jerome's Parish School
Wisconsin Harley-Davidson: Capturing the Thrill of Harleyfest with Precision and Passion
Unveiling the Power of Bluelight: A Revolutionary Trenchless Solution
Capturing Hearts on the Road: A Tribute to Riteway's Drivers
Closing the Glass Recycling Loop: Strategic Materials' Commitment to Sustainability
Sizzling Shrimp Scampi: A Mazzetta Masterpiece


These four incredible clients walked onto a 3barn set, and bam – the fun began! These aren't just businesses; they're our partners in crime, except the only thing we're stealing is the spotlight. 

Click a client below to learn more about what we've done together.

Van Horn Automotive Group Logo

Van Horn Automotive Group, the coolest cats in Wisconsin's auto alley, join forces with 3barn to dial up the customer experience to eleven. They're the highway to automotive awesomeness, and we're the turbo boosters in their video ride

 Charter Manufacturing Logo

Charter Manufacturing, firmly planted in Mequon, Wisconsin, teams up with 3barn to shed some starlight on steel and iron excellence. We're here to make the industrial world look so good, even the steel

beams blush

ConceptWorks Logo

ConceptWorks, the innovation pioneers in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, team up with 3barn to turn ideas into visuals that are as inventive as a rocket-powered unicycle. We're your partners in infusing innovation and a fresh perspective into your content

SuperSealers Logo

Supersealers, the pavement posse of Southeastern Wisconsin, saddle up with 3barn to wrangle asphalt aspirations into existence. Since '97, they've been the lawkeepers in the asphalt frontier, and now, with our video antics, they're the sheriffs of a smoother ride

3barn Full Logo
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