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About 3barn

Our Creative Journey: Mixing Laughter with Lumens

Hey there, welcome to 3barn! We're the video production crew that loves Oconomowoc so much that we practically set up shop in its backyard. Okay, maybe not exactly in the heart of town, but close enough that we can smell the cheese curds from the local diner on a good day.

Now, when it comes to making videos, we've got the seriousness down pat, but we also like to sprinkle in some emotion because, let's face it, life is a rollercoaster ride of feelings. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood video storytellers who take their work seriously, but not themselves. We're not here to bore you with dry scripts and monotone narration; we're here to craft stories that'll make you chuckle, grin, and occasionally snort coffee out of your nose (not that we're encouraging that last part, it's wasteful).


So, whether you're here for a heartfelt tale that tugs at your heartstrings, a story that fills you with awe, or one that leaves you pondering life's mysteries, you've come to the right place. At 3barn, we're here to create, inspire, and, of course, occasionally make you snort coffee in sheer surprise.

Meet the Team

Kevin and Mike of 3barn
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