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The Pavement Pioneers of Lake Country

Meet Supersealers Asphalt & Concrete, the unsung heroes of Lake Country's pavements. Founded in '97 by two buddies with a truck and a dream, they've turned patching into an art form. From humble beginnings to paving kings, their journey's been wilder than a raccoon at a buffet. We at 3Barn love their grit; it’s like watching a superhero origin story, but with more asphalt and fewer capes

Working with Supersealers? It's been a blast! Their dedication to top-notch work matches our passion for crafting killer videos. It's like teaming up with fellow perfectionists, except they're asphalt artists, and we're video virtuosos. Together, we're turning Lake Country into a masterpiece, one smooth road and stunning video at a time

Crafting Excellence: Supersealers' Vision at North Shore Middle School
Paving Great Heights: Supersealers Transforms Merton Primary School's Landscape
Seamless Driveways: Supersealers' Aerial Showcase


You've already met one of our amazing clients, and now you're in for a treat - there are three more stars in our constellation waiting to shine!

Click a client below to learn more about what we've done together.

Van Horn Automotive Group Logo

Van Horn Automotive Group, the coolest cats in Wisconsin's auto alley, join forces with 3barn to dial up the customer experience to eleven. They're the highway to automotive awesomeness, and we're the turbo boosters in their video ride

 Charter Manufacturing Logo

Charter Manufacturing, firmly planted in Mequon, Wisconsin, teams up with 3barn to shed some starlight on steel and iron excellence. We're here to make the industrial world look so good, even the steel

beams blush

ConceptWorks Logo

ConceptWorks, the innovation pioneers in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, team up with 3barn to turn ideas into visuals that are as inventive as a rocket-powered unicycle. We're your partners in infusing innovation and a fresh perspective into your content

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