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Driving Excellence

Van Horn Automotive Group's Journey Unveiled

Let's talk about Van Horn Automotive Group, okay? They're like this bunch of auto dealerships that's all about blowing customers' minds with super cool experiences. And get this, they're not just employees, they're owners, man! They're all about giving you the best, whether it's online or face-to-face. They even dig customer reviews 'cause they wanna keep gettin' better.

Now, workin' with Van Horn is a blast! They're all about kickin' expectations to the curb and being all innovative and stuff. And for us, it's like a playground of creative freedom. We make these videos that show off how awesome their experiences are and how much they care about makin' customers happy. It's just great to work with folks who are as passionate about excellence as we are, you know?

Driving Success: The Heartfelt Journey of a Family, a Dealership, and the 'I Own It' Spirit
Van Horn Aerial Odyssey: Every Dealership, One Skyline
Van Horn Direct: Your Dream Car Just a Click Away!


You've already met one of our amazing clients, and now you're in for a treat - there are three more stars in our constellation waiting to shine!

Click a client below to learn more about what we've done together.

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Charter Manufacturing, firmly planted in Mequon, Wisconsin, teams up with 3barn to shed some starlight on steel and iron excellence. We're here to make the industrial world look so good, even the steel beams blush

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ConceptWorks, the innovation pioneers in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, team up with 3barn to turn ideas into visuals that are as inventive as a rocket-powered unicycle. We're your partners in infusing innovation and a fresh perspective into your content

SuperSealers Logo

Supersealers, the pavement posse of Southeastern Wisconsin, saddle up with 3barn to wrangle asphalt aspirations into existence. Since '97, they've been the lawkeepers in the asphalt frontier, and now, with our video antics, they're the sheriffs of a smoother ride

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