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At 3barn, we're nuts about making marketing videos, okay? We've got this crazy team that's all about mixing wild creativity with tech wizardry to bring your stuff to life. We're talkin' promo videos that'll make you go, "Whoa," and visuals that'll blow your mind. Oh, and did I mention the drone stuff? Yeah, we're doing that too! We're all about high-quality stuff here, making sure your message shines brighter than our production lights in your eyes. So, let us work our video magic, turning your ideas into visual fireworks that'll leave people saying, "Bazinga!"

Beyond the Screen: Top 10 Reasons Why Showcasing Your Staff and Spaces Is Business Magic!

Filming at your business showcases employees in action.

Welcome, dear readers, to our behind-the-scenes tour! Ever wondered who's crafting the magic behind the curtain at 3barn? Or perhaps you're contemplating showcasing your own team and workspace? Well, you're...

Sky-High Cinematics and Real Talks

Our On-Location Wonders!


Interview shots, your backstage pass to real talk. Imagine sitting down for coffee with the experts, where authenticity reigns supreme. It's the candid moments, the unscripted gems that create connections. In the world of video, these shots aren't just windows; they're doors into genuine stories.


B-Roll, the secret spice in our video kitchen. While the stars shine on stage, B-Roll is the backstage magic, the ingredient that turns ordinary stories into cinematic feasts. These swift shots? They're not just fillers; they're the sizzle, the pop, the 'aha' moments. B-Roll isn't just footage; it's the seasoning that flavors your video journey.

Cinematic Drone

Cinematic Drone, the eagle-eye perspective without the tired wings. Soaring through the skies, we capture visuals that are more 'wow' than a front-row fireworks show. It's not just footage; it's a visual symphony. When you hear 'Cinematic Drone,' expect your video to rise above the ordinary, painting a canvas of awe-inspiring moments.

FPV Drone

Your ticket to heart-pounding adventures. Imagine being the hero of your own movie, diving headfirst into action-packed scenes. With our skilled aerial artists at the helm, expect shots that make you the ultimate explorer. It's not just video; it's an adrenaline rush, a thrilling joyride through the heart of your story.

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