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The Charter Connection

Uniting as One Family, One Team

Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc., founded in the 1930s, is a family-owned steel and iron production and manufacturing company. Charter's impressive growth is attributed to its dedicated team of employees, their commitment to continuous improvement, and the thriving entrepreneurial spirit that defines the Charter family.

We've been working with Charter Manufacturing for several years, getting dirty on a regular basis doesn't scare us. Pouring steel isn't for the faint of heart, it's hot, dangerous and it's pretty cool to film. We've done over 100 videos for Charter Manufacturing since we partnered and can't wait for the next 100.

Charter: Reflecting Our Excellence Through Trust, Teamwork, Safety, and Innovation
I am Charter: Embracing Grit and Passion at Aarrowcast
I am Charter: Tony's Triumphs Amidst the Roar of Charter Steel


You've already met one of our amazing clients, and now you're in for a treat - there are three more stars in our constellation waiting to shine!

Click a client below to learn more about what we've done together.

Van Horn Automotive Group Logo

Van Horn Automotive Group, the coolest cats in Wisconsin's auto alley, join forces with 3barn to dial up the customer experience to eleven. They're the highway to automotive awesomeness, and we're the turbo boosters in their video ride

ConceptWorks Logo

ConceptWorks, the innovation pioneers in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, team up with 3barn to turn ideas into visuals that are as inventive as a rocket-powered unicycle. We're your partners in infusing innovation and a fresh perspective into your content

SuperSealers Logo

Supersealers, the pavement posse of Southeastern Wisconsin, saddle up with 3barn to wrangle asphalt aspirations into existence. Since '97, they've been the lawkeepers in the asphalt frontier, and now, with our video antics, they're the sheriffs of a smoother ride

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