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Alright, folks, check this out! At 3barn, we're all about crafting videos that make you go "Wow!" It's a wild mix of creativity and tech smarts that'll put your rear in gear! We're talkin' promo videos that'll blow your mind, visuals that'll make you smile, and even some drone action. Plus, we've got our top-notch audio studio for excellent sound quality! We're all about high-quality stuff here, making sure your message shines brighter than a neon sign. So, let us work our video magic, turning your ideas into a visual spectacle that'll leave folks saying, "That's absolutely awesome!"

Production Services

At 3barn, we're video masters, like your personal video consultant. We craft visuals that match your unique vision, making your video visions come to life, just the way you want. But that's just the beginning of our wide range of production services, from concept to completion, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and editing. So if you're looking for a video production partner who can help you make your dreams come true, look no further than 3barn.

Video Your Way

We help you tell your story, from start to finish.

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Epic Ideas, Everyday Budgets

Epic Ideas,
Everyday Budgets

Dream big, even if your budget isn’t. We specialize in turning imaginative concepts into awe-inspiring visuals without the Hollywood price tag. Your grand visions meet practical budgets, making cinematic storytelling accessible to all.

Narratives That Raise Eyebrows

Narratives That
Raise Eyebrows

Ever heard a story that made you do a double-take? That's the kind of tale we weave at 3barn. Our narratives defy expectations, adding unexpected twists that leave your audience intrigued. Let us craft a story for your brand that makes eyebrows rise and conversations buzz.

Beyond Pixels, We Craft Emotions

Beyond Pixels,
We Craft Emotions

Pixels are easy; emotions are our expertise. We delve deep, capturing not just visuals but your narrative's essence. Whether it's the heartwarming glow of a testimonial or the adrenaline of a product launch, we evoke emotions that resonate long after the video ends.

Featured Client Stories

These four incredible clients walked onto a 3barn set, and bam – the fun began! These aren't just businesses; they're our partners in crime, except the only thing we're stealing is the spotlight. 

Click a client below to learn more about what we've done together.

Van Horn Automotive Group Logo

Van Horn Automotive Group, the coolest cats in Wisconsin's auto alley, join forces with 3barn to dial up the customer experience to eleven. They're the highway to automotive awesomeness, and we're the turbo boosters in their video ride

 Charter Manufacturing Logo

Charter Manufacturing, firmly planted in Mequon, Wisconsin, teams up with 3barn to shed some starlight on steel and iron excellence. We're here to make the industrial world look so good, even the steel

beams blush

ConceptWorks Logo

ConceptWorks, the innovation pioneers in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, team up with 3barn to turn ideas into visuals that are as inventive as a rocket-powered unicycle. We're your partners in infusing innovation and a fresh perspective into your content

SuperSealers Logo

Supersealers, the pavement posse of Southeastern Wisconsin, saddle up with 3barn to wrangle asphalt aspirations into existence. Since '97, they've been the lawkeepers in the asphalt frontier, and now, with our video antics, they're the sheriffs of a smoother ride

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Kevin Pehler

Owner - 3Barn

Discover 3barn in Oconomowoc, WI!

Your Local Video Marketing Wizards

Unleash the power of video marketing right here in Oconomowoc, WI, with 3barn. We're your neighbors, and we're here to help local businesses shine. Lake Country, Southeast Wisconsin, we've got you covered with top-notch video solutions that make your brand stand out. Let's tell your local success story, one frame at a time.

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