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THE RULES OF STOOPS – It’s just the game of HORSE but with a few twists and turns🤪

RULE #1: 3barn, or the winner of the previous game, kicks off.

RULE #2: Each player rotates shots

RULE #3: If a player misses an opponent’s shot, that player receives ONE letter.

RULE #4: First player to spell out STOOPS loses the game. In the case of 2v2 first team with both players eliminated loses the game.

RULE #5: If a player is on the final “S”, you must prove the shot by making it twice.

RULE #6: Anytime a board falls flat during your shot, prior to the next player’s shot attempt, you receive ONE letter.

RULE #7: Anytime your ball remains OFF the ground until the next player’s shot attempt, you subtract a letter.

RULE #8: Each player receives ONE snipe shot (per opponent) during the game a. Players must be behind the designated SNIPE line to attempt. b. Each player received unlimited snipes when opponent is proving their final shot.

RULE #9: NO dunking.

RULE #10: Anytime an overhead light or ceiling fan is hit during a shot attempt, that player receives THREE letters automatically.

RULE #11: Shot attempts can be taken from anywhere on the court BUT players cannot attempt the same shot from the same spot two times in a row.

RULE #12: Any board that falls during a snipe attempt does not count.

RULE #13: Taunting and distractions are encouraged!

We’re raising money for local non-profits by playing a simple game of HORSE…But with prison rules.

Every episode has a $500 wager on the line, loser pays.

Bring your best trick shot to take on Kevin and the gang at 3barn. If you’re looking for a great team building exercise, there is no better fun to be had! This is a great way to promote your business and raise some money for charity.

Takes one hour to film. 

Contact INFO@3barn.com to play!